Vermont Cider Company to launch Viva Spritz in Spring 2020

Vermont Cider Company announced in a press release today that they are releasing a juice based hard spritzer that uses all-natural ingredients this spring called Viva Spritz™. There will be three (3) varieties available: Peach Mango, Raspberry Lime and Black Cherry, 98, 97 and 97 calories per 12oz sleek can respectively. Each style is 4.2% ABV, 2g of sugar, light, crisp and full of fruit flavor.

The liquids are created with fruit juice fermentation not sugar or grain like most of the market leaders which is why they chose spritz not seltzer to describe the product. Vermont Cider Company believes the juice fermentation provides a more natural taste profile and strong competitive advantage.

“As the alternative to beer category shifts and changes, we at Vermont Cider Company need to keep innovating to stay relevant,” said Terry Hopper, Vice President of Sales in the press release. “Working with juice is something we are very comfortable with from the cider side so developing a juice based hard fruit spritzer was a natural transition for us. We feel the juice base creates a more sessionable and better tasting alternative.”

Bridget Blacklock, Vice President of Marketing added in the release “We decided on the name Viva Spritz because of the zest for life the consumers drinking these beverages have and the name Viva evokes those same emotions. We are super proud of how the packaging turned out and how it reflects the feel of the brand!”

Available nationally beginning in Spring 2020, the 12oz sleek cans will be available in Mixed Variety Sleek Can 6pack and Peach Mango Sleek Can 6pack. Both 6packs will retail for $9.99-$10.99. Vermont Cider Company prides itself on the quality of their products and Viva Spritz is no exception, it drinks like a seltzer but made like a wine to provide a healthier alternative that is sessionable and tasty!

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